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A/N: I'm not putting a notice on these because of cussing. If you read Homestuck, I don't understand how you'd have a problem with language. XD So consider this note your trigger warning.

The next afternoon, you parked in the back lot. You had felt absolutely fine until you put your car in park. That’s when the nervousness hit you. Traveling at light speed, your brain was coming up with so many questions and scenarios.

‘What if they don’t like me? What if I get hurt or something? What if I royally screw up everything? What if – ‘

Okay, you were getting ridiculous. You forced your braintrain to come to a halt at Shutthehellup station. You slid out of the vehicle and locked it before heading to the main tent to meet the crew. Dust floated on the wind in little swirling patterns on the pathway before you and you watched them pointedly in an attempt to clear your mind. As you were focusing, you nearly walked into one of the outer support beams of the main tent. You jerked back as your nose came within centimeters of meeting the wood, and thanked the mirthful messiahs that no one had been around to see. Talking and laughter could be heard from the depths of the tent. Pulling the dark red canvas flaps apart, you stepped inside.
The main cast and crew had been gathered in the center stage, and the show manager stood before them, involved in one of the many conversations taking place. As you came closer, the manager noticed you, and smirked.

“Well there she is, our newest member! Everyone, this is (f/n)(l/n).”

You smiled at everyone shyly, lifting your hand and waving. A chorus of voices happily welcomed you. The first to come up was a little olive-blooded female that had some obvious feline qualities about her. Her dress was all shades of green with white accents. Skidding to a halt before you, she grinned.

“Why hello there! My name is Nepeta!  I’m the lion tamer! Allow me to introduce e-fur-yone,” she said, her pun obvious. Starting from the left, she began to list off names. Each member waved to you in response.

“The short, grumpy one is Karki- Karkat. He’s the show’s ring leader. Beside him, with the two-tone glasses is Pawlu- I mean Sollux,” she giggles before continuing, struggling to not call everyone by their nicknames. “Sollux is our ticket guy. He grabs the crowd’s attention and brings them in. Next there’s Aradia. She’s our horse rider. She does all sorts of tricks while standing on her horse’s back! Tavros there is our bull tamer, and he also takes care of the animals. Kanaya is our costume creator. Her outfits are beautiful. Feferi and Eridan are sea dwellers, so they run the aquatic show. Terezi is the dragon tamer, even though in reality her dragon is just a robot of Equius's. My moirail there, Equius, he builds and fixes the automatons we use. Vriska runs the House of Horrors because she loves freaking people out. And last but definitely not least there’s .. Oh. Hey, where’s Gamzee?”

She curiously glanced from side to side, and as if on cue, he stepped in through the entrance.

“Hey there motherfuckers, what’s all up an’ happening?”
As you turned, your eyes widened. You had forgotten about your slight fear of clowns. ‘Oh gog, play it cool, (f/n). He seems nice.’ You tried to mentally reason.

“Gamzee!” Nepeta giggled. “That guy is Gamzee, he’s our clown and he assists us in acts.”
You tried to smile as you watched him saunter up to everyone. As you studied him further, you relaxed a little. ‘If he were to take off his makeup, he looks like he’d be pretty attractive,’ you thought, but then scolded yourself. ‘No, bad (f/n), he’s your new co-worker. Don’t do this to yourself.’ Gamzee looked over to you and then grinned, his fangs glinting in the soft light.

“Well hello there, sis. What’s your motherfuckin’ name?”

“Uh.. I’m (f/n),” was your reply, watching him.

“Got it,” he nodded. “It’s cute, like you.”

“Pardon?” You quietly asked, tilting your head to the side slightly.

“Your name. It’s cute, and you match it.”

“Oh.. Heh, thanks.”

You scratched the back of your head awkwardly, but the manager broke the sudden silence.

“Alright everyone, we have a show tonight. Let’s get going. Things still need to be prepped, and our new little girl here needs some time to get herself acquainted.”
A bit short, but hey, it got the introductions out of the way. XP

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