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   It was a laid back Saturday afternoon. You were disinterestedly flipping through some catalog from the coffee table, and Tsuki was sprawled out on the couch, asleep and still in her mismatched pajamas. The TV was buzzing in the background - on some stupid reality show that no one cared about. The makeup from yesterday was smudged all over your companion's face, and her hair was going every direction possible. On a commercial break, a loud noise came from the tv, which startled the poor girl. She ended up rolling off the couch and into the floor. You happened to look over right as she did so, and you burst out into laughter. Furry, silver-y ears flicked back at you in annoyance, and from the pain from when her face decided to meet the floor.  "Oh, Tsuki-chan! You should have seen… your face… as you fell!" you said in between fits of giggling.

   "Pfft. Shut up, ___-chan," the girl muttered, sticking her tongue out at you. You rolled your (eye color) eyes at her and shook your head. "Tsuki-channnn~," you whined,  "don't be like that!" She sighed as she got up, a small smile tugging at her lips. "I need to go get cleaned up, but afterwards, we should go out for lunch," her voice came from over her shoulder as she began to walk up the stairs, a fluffy tail swishing slightly between her legs.

   A knocking on the door stopped her in my tracks. Not realizing how discombobulated she actually looked, Tsuki went over to the door and opened it wide. Death the Kid jumped back, appalled at the sight. Tsukiko gasped, and a dark blush spread itself across her pale face. Oh, God. Anyone but Kid-kun.. Out of all the days for my crush to see me, it had to be when I just rolled out of bed. she thought, grimacing.  "Well, Tsuki? Who's at the door?" You called from the other room. "Uh.. It's uh.. Kid-kun!"  the young weapon stammered. Kid invited himself inside and looked her over again. "Tsuki… How could you even-.. Everything about you today is completely ASYMMETRICAL!" He ranted. "We have to fix this right now!" He said as he gripped her wrist, pulling her up the stairs, before she even knew what was happening.

   You came out of the living room just in time to see your partner pulled to her torture of the day. "Thank God Soul doesn't do that to me…" You muttered under your breath as you made your way to my room to try and save her. "For God's sake, Kid! Just let me take a shower! If you must, go ahead and rummage through my closet. I'll let you pick out what you want for me to wear today," You heard an irritated female say. You made it to the top of the stairs and heard the bathroom door click. 'She's smart to lock the door,' You thought, chuckling.

   As you poked your head into Tsuki's room, you see Kid frantically searching through her closet. A few minutes later, he found exactly what he wanted and placed it out beside you on a thickly blanketed bed. A satisfied smirk made its way across his face. Kid had pulled out a lacy white tank top with a collar, a short black skirt, black and white striped stockings, and black converse. He even found a pair of striped gloves to match the stockings. You looked at the clothes and nodded. "That's her favorite outfit. How'd you know?" Kid looked at you and then away.
"Well.. It's.. It looks very nice on her."
You grinned, but kept your mouth shut before you embarrassed the hell out of Kid.

   Tsuki sighed as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a large towel over herself. After getting decently dry, she slipped on a pair of lace covered, white panties and a matching bra. "There was no way I would have let Kid pick these out for me too," she muttered, brushing through her hair, and combing her now-matted tail. The young girl didn't want to keep Kid waiting, and most certainly didn't want him going through her drawer of underthings. She slipped on a thin black robe and opened the bathroom door, stepping silently back into the room. "Alright Kiddo-kun. Whatcha got for me to wear?" she said, looking to him. He smiled warmly and pointed to the clothes next to you. "It had perfect symmetry," He purred. "I'm glad you found something that made you happy," your weapon remarked, rolling her violet eyes at his obsession. Your housemate quickly went and changed, Kid nodded approvingly at her once she returned. As Tsuki started to put on her makeup did, she asked, "So, Kid-kun.. Why did you come over anyway?"

You looked at him expectantly for an answer.
Part one! :3 Don't worry, Soul will show up soon. ^.^

Check out the info here!

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Afterthought/Note: As I was thinking about it, I figure some guys might read this too. I realized I use "-chan" as my honorific in the story. It can be used for a close relationship with a male friend or other close relationship. Just thought I would clarify. But if it bothers you, just mentally replace your honorific with "-kun". XD
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