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        After everyone had finished eating, there was a unanimous vote to continue wandering through the city to see who could be found. As the troup headed to the park, you caught a glimpse of Soul and Maka with Black*Star , Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty. You felt butterflies in your stomach and you nudged Tsuki with your shoulder. "Eh? What is i- Oh. I see. Let's go over and say hey," she smiled reassuringly at you. You nodded and made the journey over to them. "Hey guys!" you chimed, having reached the group first, with Kid and Tsuki following behind. Your eyes didn't leave Soul until you were right in front of him.

Soul looked over to you and grinned. "Well hey there ___-chan!" As Tsukiko went to talk with Maka, you took the chance to be close to Soul. "Uh… Hi Soul-kun." You said, suddenly feeling shy. Shoot. Now is not the time to get all quiet. Only Soul can turn my thought process into a disaster, you thought, feeling flustered. He flashed a pointed grin at you and slipped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. You could have melted at his touch. He looked over you, and his crimson eyes almost appeared to glow in the sunlight.

Tsuki looked over and quickly gave you another reassuring smile. Kid was standing just beside her. As Tsuki leaned slightly closer to him, his hand brushed hers. She froze where she was, and hoped Maka wasn't paying attention. Luckily Black*Star caught her eye as he got tangled up in a bush. "Who knows how he got there," she sighed, leaving to release him from his entrapment. As she left, the wolf-weapon allowed her hand to brush against Kid's this time, curious to see what would happen. Without looking at her, his hand intertwined with hers.

"Tsuki-chan?" Kid asked as he looked to her.
"C-can I do something?"
The girl arched one eyebrow.
"Well.. Yeah, I suppose, Kid-kun."
Before she had a chance to blink, Kid took her hair down from the side ponytail it was put in. Her hair fell down her back and he smiled.
"Now you have perfect symmetry," and with that he kissed her forehead.

It hadn't occurred to the two that the rest of the gang was around them. You grinned at your partner and Kid and then started to clap. Once you had done that, everyone else had caught Kid kissing her forehead. Liz gasped and Patty jumped around, squealing about how adorable she thought it was. Black*Star seemed louder and more irritating than usual, and Maka's jaw dropped at Kid's public display of affection. Soul started to laugh beside you, and you turned to him.
"Looks like Kid found someone he finally deems symmetrical."  
You nodded in agreement and laughed with Soul, and as you had closed your eyes, you felt Soul pull you a little closer to him.
Part three! Woo! I've already gotten wayyy more views on the other parts than I thought I ever would. Thanks so much. :iconlv2plz:

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